Keep Being a Blessing

To be a blessing is giving a part of yourself to others to help them any way you can. This is not limited to financial help or providing service to the needy. Being a blessing to someone could also be in the form of spiritual or emotional support, which is what we all usually need most. I want to share this poem I wrote for a friend who was deeply hurting to comfort and encourage her. Being a blessing means being a miracle for somebody. May this be a reminder to look towards others’ circumstances and act towards their assistance especially during tough times.

For every hurting word they said,

I’ll replace it with comfort instead.

For every act they did you wrong,

I’ll help you become strong.


For every broken piece of your heart,

I’ll help mend it with a good start.

For every tear that fell,

I’ll wipe your eyes; never let it swell.


For every feeling of worthlessness,

I’ll make you feel your best.

For every hardship you’ve gone through,

I’ll help make things light for you.


For everything that may happen,

On my love and care, you can depend.

For whatever life may bring,

I’ll be here and keep being a blessing.

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