Michelle Ann Diaz

We feel a great sense of fulfillment when we see our community members thriving in their fields, brewing their best years by developing their individual gifts and getting better at what they do each day.

What started as an obsession with our Ice Blended® drinks, turned into a deep involvement with our Brew Your Best Year community initiatives.

Ever since she became a part of the community, Michelle has been passionate about creating art, drawing inspiration from the works of other artists we feature on our pages. Now, she dedicates most of her free time trying new techniques and improving her craft. Her commitment to keep developing her skills is admirable, which is evident in every piece she contributes to our community.

Read all about Michelle’s story as an artist and as a community member of Brew Your Best Year below!

WHO IS SHE? Michelle Ann B. Diaz, 23 years old

WHAT DOES SHE DO? Michelle is currently an Analyst Programmer in an IT firm, but does calligraphy and other forms of art as her hobby. She is also a part-time blogger and a part-time entrepreneur who sells customized felt crafts, among other things, in her online shop.

1. Tell us about your story as an artist. How did you discover your love for art?:
Since I was a kid, my family, especially my mom, always told me that I had a very creative hands. I loved to draw and sketch but I didn’t take it seriously. I just did arts if I needed it for school, or if I was bored. After discovering The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®’s Brew Your Best Year community, I’ve been constantly inspired. I started doing their weekly challenges, as well as participating in their activities regularly. From there, I decided to continue my passion for the arts and eventually became a Contributing Artist for Brew Your Best Year community!

2. What kind of artist/writer are you? Describe your style/niche and how has this changed through the years.
I’m actually not sure what kind of artist I am, but I can say that I’m the kind of person who just lets her heart, mind and hands express whatever they want through art. Through time, I saw big changes. I’ve noticed that my works are way better than before.

3. What is the highlight of your practice so far?
So far, whenever someone takes notice and appreciates my artworks, I would feel flattered and great, and that’s what I think the highlight of my practice is. One of the ways I get to experience appreciation and recognition for my work is when Brew Your Best Year features my artworks, which I hope inspires fellow artists and art enthusiasts in the community.

4. Where do you get inspiration?
I get inspiration from the things I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made. Most of the time, these enable me to think of words that I can turn into artworks. The mistakes I’ve made when trying something new, such as my first time doing calligraphy, inspired me to persevere even more. I told myself that I must not give up and that I can do anything, as long as I put my mind to it because everything is possible!

5. What is your creative process like?
I really use my imagination when it comes to creating art. Whenever I hear a song or whenever thoughts about life and ideas come to mind, I imagine the situation and, from there, I create an artwork about what I’ve imagined.

6. Do you experience creative blocks? What do you do when this happens?
When I’m not motivated to create anything, I browse for artworks and inspirations online. When I see a new painting technique that I’ve never done before, I try to do it and apply it to my artworks in a unique way. I would also like to add that the Brew Your Best Year’s Weekly Challenge is a big help in bringing out my creativity.

7. How do you choose what artwork to create?
I create anything as long as I feel that it could inspire others.

8. Who are some of the individuals you look up to in line with your craft?
Besides the artists that Brew Your Best Year features, I also look up to @snapperdoodles, @aninarubio and @paola_koala.
iammiiichelle art 1

9. What’s your favorite artwork/photo that you’ve written/created?
My favorite artwork that I’ve created is actually a set of wedding signages I made for my friend’s wedding. It was my first time to make wedding signages, as well as paint on wood. I had a lot of fun doing it!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.56.52 PM

10. What kinds of challenges are an associated with your craft and how do you overcome them?
As I browse through my feed filled with lots of creative posts, there are times that I feel pressured because I want to do something like their work, and be as good as them. Sometimes, I feel sad because even if I try, I cannot copy their techniques. But in the end, I just think of this: There’s nothing you cannot do. It’s just a matter of time, practice and patience. You’ll be as good as them soon! For now, just express your creativity and be happy!

11. What are your biggest lessons as an artist?
Patience is important when you are an artist because you cannot learn a new technique in just an hour or a day. Other than that, there are some instances when you’ll have to start from scratch when you make a mistake or when your finished product doesn’t satisfy you. Patience and willingness is what any artist must have.

12. What do you believe is an important factor in creating a good piece of art?
The most important factor in creating a good piece of art is that you are happy while making it, it is perfect as long as it is your own form of expression.

13. What advice can you give the community, especially emerging artists?
Never give up on doing the things you love. Never compare your works with others because we all have our own unique ways of expressing ourselves. Have patience, practice more, and you’ll surely create the piece you envision. that perfect piece that you’ve always wanted.

14. What is Brew Your Best Year to you and how has it inspired you as an artist?
Brew Your Best Year for me is a community that inspires everyone to pursue their passions and dreams in life. Like me, I’ve pursued my passion for the arts because of it!

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